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Ratpack stories BOOK "ALL THE RIGHT REASONS" Lien De Ruyck

All the right reasons

The Ratpack agency started off by inviting some of Belgium’s best in marketing, product design, digital… Over some weeks through February and March 2016, we organised a total of 10 get-togethers. Call it auditions, jam sessions or simply inspiring evenings; our goal was to connect people and exchange ideas…

This approach is inspired by the philosophy behind crowdfunding itself. Crowdfunding campaigns help entrepreneurs to broaden their audience and improve their product concept before going ‘live’. We wanted to achieve the same goals: get traction, engage our audiences and shape our business idea before launching our venture...

Through the Ratpack sessions we managed to identify fantastic potential team members and we turned those early believers into our first ambassadors. But equally important, these sessions helped us to get insight in the different domains that have a relation to crowdfunding.

We soon realized that we needed to capture and publish the wisdom of the Ratpack sessions. Our correspondent and author did this, for a number of reasons…:

to surround us with experts
to pay tribute to the goodwill of those experts
to growth hack our startup
to share our insights with the community
to become wiser, stronger, better

Hence the title: ‘All the right reasons’

Here's a sneakpreview.

You can receive a printed or digital version of this beautiful 100-page magazine-style publication loaded with deep insights, intriguing quotes and inspiring stories here.


Lien De Ruyck is freelance Imagineer, Creative & Writer. Eager to facilitate innovation & create value through communication and design. Fond of custom motorbikes, slow coffee, outer space, possible futures & Panamarenko.
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