Helping companies find their WHY

We see crowdfunding as a crash course for companies to identify their ‘raison d’être’. By helping campaigns to become successful the Ratpack Agency will contribute to the creation of long-term brands.

We believe in the power of crowdfunding as a medium. It opens up unique possibilities to test the needs of a market by tapping into global communities. And this is possible at light speeds; while leaving entrepreneurs in control. To us the opportunities for crowdfunding are countless: from using it as a marketing tool; as a smart PR campaign; as part of a balanced financing mix; as a means to build communities; to receive early product feedback (and steering future R&D) or just a cool way to get off the ground as a budding entrepreneur…

We made it our mission to build exceptional multidisciplinary teams to deliver incredible crowdfunding campaigns. We believe that by uniting the greatest minds in the different domains that have a relation to crowdfunding, we can also create something unique, something hugely successful… something that simply charms the crowds…

The expanding maturing crowdfunding market of today will increasingly require excellence in both the projects launched and the way campaigns are executed. Crowdfunding requires a wide range of skills, from pre-track, over launch to fulfilment. We support companies and entrepreneurs launching innovative new products and work with SME’s who want to use crowdfunding as a marketing tool (to discover new markets and clients) or as an alternative investment source (equity crowdfunding).

But we do not compromise on relevance and truth of the projects we work on. We look for the right customers who possess a unique mix of openness, who are digitally ready, have a global customer oriented focus and have excellent teams in place.

Central in our offering is the combination of consulting services with implementation power. We involve our ecosystem of experts in areas such as funding / marketing / digital strategy / human centered design / crowdfunding. Our implementation services include campaign project management, automation tools & online presence management, PR management, content creation & management and fulfillment services.

Our ambition inspired us to call ourselves THE RATPACK. In the 1960s The Ratpack became the nickname for a group of entertainers centered on Frank Sinatra and including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop as main members. Even though they were a group of extraordinary individual artists; their largest successes were their appearances together on stage and in films. Gifted with either a unique voice, great looks, or the talent to be funny; they all shared the incredible ability to charm crowds and complemented each other on stage… creating pure magic. During their appearances in The Sands club in Las Vegas they “threw a party like no one had ever done before” and they will be remembered as the gang who “made ‘cool’ whatever they wanted it to be”.